What iOS Development Course Should I Take? – Friday Under Five #4

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You want to learn iOS development, but may not know the direction to take. In this Friday Under Five, I’ll discuss the few best courses to learn iOS development.

Offered Until Nov 30th:

—————————– COURSES IN VIDEO —————————–

Stanford Most Recent iOS Course —
Udemy iOS 11 & Swift 4 Course —
Ray Wenderlich iOS Website —

—————————– PRODUCTS —————————–

Design Store —

Amazon Merch Store —

—————————– GEAR —————————–

Camera – Panasonic Lumix G7 —

Microphone – Rode Video Micro —

Tripod – Manfrotto Action Tripod —

Bendy Tripod – Joby GorillaPod —…

xcode tutorial for beginners iphone


9 thoughts on “What iOS Development Course Should I Take? – Friday Under Five #4”

  1. Hey guys, so here's something else to take a look at that's only offered until Nov 30th: https://devslopes.com/lifetime-access?tap_a=26239-4a34f3&tap_s=192812-d1f75b

    The team that taught me iOS development (Devslopes) is offering a plan where you pay a one-time fee and receive every single course they've ever made and ever will make in the future. Not to mention many other features like coding competitions where you can win prizes, and live coding sessions, and quite a few more that you can check out via the link above. Since they taught me iOS development, I feel very comfortable recommending them to y'all. I know you'll be in good hands.

  2. How can you export XD Design to Xcode? It is really cool to do the UI in XD but then you would need to redo everything (except some assets like pictures), or am I missing something here?

  3. As an absolute beginner I tried all the Standford courses, udemy Devslopes courses and udemy Rob Percival courses. For me the last one was absolutely the best one for learning how to make an App.

  4. Currently learning Ray Wenderlich, it's a great resource! I recommend learning Swift 3 Beginner video instead of Swift 4 because they go a little to fast in the new videos they did.

  5. i totally agree! but stanford lectures are pretty advance, so it could be confusing to beginners, but i love raywenderlich! i never use their paid service so my question is once we get one month subscription plan then would we be able to access all kind of series ?

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