Tutorial 15 – Twisted Column Paper Lamp Fold

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Tutorial 15 – Twisted Column Paper Lamp Fold Origami lamp shade paper folding Thanks for your time.
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Preview Fold Pattern At The End Of The Video. Use a snapshot of your computer screen (PrtScn keyboard button + Ctrl V in Windows software or Ms word / or search different applications screenshot for different operating systems)

In the video shown number 14, but the number is 15 sorry for the error.


30 thoughts on “Tutorial 15 – Twisted Column Paper Lamp Fold”

  1. This lamp is a personal design based on pleats miura and diagonal cuts to generate a twisted spiral. And as additional data concerning the technique, they can review the publications of Taketoshi Nojima Origami Modeling of Functional Structures based on Organic Patterns

    Esta lámpara es un diseño personal basado en pliegues miura y cortes diagonales para generar un espiral retorcido. Y como dato adicional referente a la técnica Pueden revisar las publicaciones de Taketoshi Nojima Origami Modeling of Functional Structures based on Organic Patterns

  2. The fold pattern is already marked on the paper.

    I should have started recording from the marking process of the pattern lines. But the video starts in the folding process.

    If you wish you could see this video that is more complete in the process https://youtu.be/FKHNfckJxDY

    I recommend that you take a screen shot of the fold pattern https://youtu.be/ItYVP8OTtyM?t=25m42s print and practice based on this to create the structure.

    The process of marking the lines I do with a pen without ink, the goal is to create a line that facilitates the fold.

  3. Just blown away with what can be done with a piece of flat paper .I am so going to try this .Would you suggest anything to attempt before trying this ?Thanks so much for sharing your amazing talent

  4. thats nice art but while making Video Tutorial Plz make sure U show us Steps Properly then U can go running those repetitive steps only…. but here I can see all steps running everything is fast….. anyway I can say thats nice PAPER ART… 😉

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