Sorting Data in Firebase on iOS Tutorial

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Learn how to sort data in the new Firebase. Firebase data is different than structured databases and sorting can be a challenge. Jess covers core principles in working with and sorting of data in Firebase.

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4 thoughts on “Sorting Data in Firebase on iOS Tutorial”

  1. Thanks Jess! You crack me up i like your fervor! How can I show random messages to a user but not have them see the same message again after they read it? I have top level nodes for messages, users, messagesInbox(users are given messages randomly from the main messages node), and messagesRead(holds id's of messages that user has read.). I was going to do a query that puts messages into a users messagesInbox that haven't already been read by that user but there is no queryNotEqualTo so I cant filter them out. I really want to use firebase but I cant figure this out. Please help. 🙂

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