My Good Day Android app

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This app will record all the good things that has happened to you during the day. You can record:
What good things happened to you.
What good things you done for others.
How could’ve you made your day better.

To use this app simply write out one or all of the following within the app. On the calendar, it will keep record of all the good things. At the end of each week, month, and year the app will tell you how many good things happened to you.

If you setup the sync function on the app, the app will…

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2 thoughts on “My Good Day Android app”

  1. The only thing my phone does is make phone calls. I used the same phone for years and years..I think this app is cool though.. it's a good means to keep a diary (the good and the bad). I do make special notations for events on my wall calendar. That way I know I'll remember to see appointments and such.

  2. Not sure I'd have a use for this app. I do take notes every so often but it's always in a notepad like text editor. The simpler the better 😛 Also I generally don't like to fiddle around on my phone unless I really have to use it, which is good since I don't have the time for that anyway.

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