jQuery Tutorial – 185 – Users online sample application

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8 thoughts on “jQuery Tutorial – 185 – Users online sample application”

  1. of course it is a lazy thing to do. Raw code is awesome but we need to use jquery cause it takes a lot of time to code in raw code like javascript. Like Google have their own library closure, they use it. but it awesome and its good and its awesome and its good

  2. First thing to do when encountering an error is open the developer tools in Chrome or FF, If its a JS error you'll know immediately whats wrong… This will help discover php bugs too because youll see what html was output and what wasnt

  3. @d1995a3 I can relate, I do the same. It's fun, and you learn an awful lot from that as well.

    But one of the things I've learned, is that I can't expect to build something on my own that is as solid as something many experienced people have worked on and debugged for years. Getting something functional is one thing – making it well-coded and extensible is a whole different story.

    So, I don't think using jQuery is a bad/lazy thing to do.

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