iPiSoft Mocap Studios Beginner Tutorial

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Join Blockade Runner as he discusses the basics of creating a simple animation using Mocap Studio and a single Microsoft Kinect.

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40 thoughts on “iPiSoft Mocap Studios Beginner Tutorial”

  1. for some reason my guy just jumps everywhere, i dont mean a little bit, the arms are all folded away where they shouldnt be and the legs are where my head is, its absolutely terrible. How do i fix it?

  2. You Explained well, I still have confusion that could you please include the setup of Mocap, for example you have mentioned ipisoft mocap but i have seen kinect mocap software it's confusing me, kindly list me things what exactly i need to do the same thing as you did in the tutorial thanks

  3. awesome video. Can you do a short one on using TWO kinects? I see demos showing the end result, but not the steps taken to get information from two sources. Also… (if you know) can the NEW kinect be used (the Xbox ONE Kinect)?

  4. I have a problem, i looked at many forums but haven't found anything to help. I have my Character exported as FBX from IPiSoft Studios and all seems fine, until i import it into my 3D software (3ds max). This is where my model seems to be detached from the floor, scaling works sometimes but not always… am i doing something wrong when exporting/importing ?

  5. can you pls send me your target bone profile and the halo model? because every fbx model i downloaded, dont has every setting aviable you choose… dotn work with any models

  6. when i load video into editor how do i rotate floor cuz the floor and everythink isnt like stright  the floor isnt matched up and when  i click track the body just goes all over place uhhh

  7. One thing that I would like to know is if I can use multiple cameras to get a more accurate depth. I have several cameras(non connect though) and they are just fairly basic webcams, and Don't think that they would be the greatest.

  8. Thank you!  HAlf way through your vid and I'm tracking.  First important discovery, do NOT use a green screen as a background.  Holy yellow, Batman!  Saved me hours of frustrating work with that one tip.  Everything else straight forward and clear.

  9. Very good tutorial, but i can get the bones in to motionbuilder but if i add a character then it's not working and is i use brekel it works can you explain or give a link of a good tutorial of it?  

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