How To Learn Java? (Java 101)

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30 thoughts on “How To Learn Java? (Java 101)”

  1. Looool????…..that book Head First is so interesting…..the introduction….will make you laugh in you stomarch…..I am begining reading it as per your suggestion… ??????

  2. I'm reading and doing Learn Java The Hard Way. It's written by a HS teacher who specializes in teaching HS students and beginners. It's going great. Slow but great.

  3. I started studying for C ++. I went to pointer and then went to get Java. I found it much more difficult. So I decided to take object orientation in c ++ and then try java. I really found c ++ easier

  4. Yeah well the thing with C++ is that it takes time…
    so I started with HTML and CSS then my teacher told me to try c++, then I downloaded the course from Lynda and I got stuck on pointers so I just quit after 2 days of trying to tackle it, then after 1' week I started JavaScript and learnt it and jQuery in 2 months and I returned to c++ and mastered it in 5 months…

  5. thank you so much dud you solved my big
    i am studying BCS 5th semester and they teach us C#, C++, java, PHP in one semester vary hard and vary bad method they use in Afghanistan i was stuck i didn't knew what to do anyway thank you so much for this useful advise

  6. Excellent video! The objective is the most important part, other than actually learning it. I have never thought about the end goal which makes learning anything that much more reasonable. You have to have a reason for doing something. "I want to learn x so that I can do y."

  7. Absolutely love your videos and your style, I know this is an old video, but I've been binge watching SO many of your videos lately. Thanks for all the awesome information.

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