How to install GCC compiler in Windows XP/Vista/7

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Here is a tutorial how to install GCC compiler in Windows.
You can run and compile programs directly from command prompt .
When you download Codeblocks and install it ,the gcc compiler automatically is configured with codeblocks.
NOTE:GCC and G++ are same and comes with Codeblocks.
GCC is used for compiling C programs.
G++ is used for compiling C++ programs.

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45 thoughts on “How to install GCC compiler in Windows XP/Vista/7”

  1. Very informative. A great help. I am relatively new to programming and was getting bogged down trying to find a compiler that worked for me. Installing GCC in this way makes things very easy. using your tutorial I have installed the Code::Blocks IDE into windows 10. The latest version (Dec 2015) seems to be 13.12. I downloaded from source forge as the berliOS link simply gave a 404 error page. I think I learned more from your 12 minute tutorial than I have in the past week of searching the net. Many thanks

  2. Anyone who got the whole GCC is not recognized internal external … bullshit, LISTEN:
    Go back to path and make sure there is a semicolon(;) in between the last thing and the new path starting with C:
    I had the same problem and couldn't figure it out until I saw the other things in path had it.

  3. Thanks man. I had this mind-blowing problem with a project I'm working on. Your tutorial didn't exactly helped, but I'v run my code on prompt using your method. Feels like you've extended my years and I appreciate it. Thanks again 🙂

  4. Thanks for the tutorial……… 
    But There is a shortcut after you link to command prompt going to advanced setting and all then i suggest you to create a file using notepad in the extension c or cpp (c++) and click on it. code blocks will open and you can type your program and press ctrl+F10 to compile..
    if your antivirus blocks it just give exception for this program..
    then your program will execute..

  5. its very useful. Thank you for upload this. Can u please upload one for video base on 
    "How to run graphics.h " in gcc/codeblocks.. 
    there R somay option available in internet but all have some error. please upload

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