How to DRAW DYNAMIC POSES! – Action, Foreshortening, Construction and More!

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50 thoughts on “How to DRAW DYNAMIC POSES! – Action, Foreshortening, Construction and More!”

  1. One tip for understanding perspectives is to go out and do some photography with some different lens focal lengths. Take notice how the scene compression changes from wide, to standard, to telephoto and take note how that compression effects your vanishing point. Do landscapes, portraits, objects from high, low perspectives, wide, standard and telephoto. Study how they differ and most importantly what is more pleasing to each subject. I have found too often that people get stuck in doing drawing from the shoulder hight standard perspective and their art work dramatically improves once they understand all the planes of perspective.

  2. After watching your videos, I have been more confident in my drawings. They really helped me add the little details that made my drawings stand out. I just wanted to say thanks for all the helpful tips, and keep up the good work!??

  3. Jazza I often start to draw consecutively for a couple of days but the art work looks so bad or is just copied of a easy image and I get discouraged and stop for months and then won't to draw every once In awhile and can't come up with a original idea. How do you think I could improve my work and come up with original ideas

  4. I showed my mom a drawing that had a lot of shading . I said I'm not good at shading to her, my dad told me: " you lose your games and laptop for a week" but I'm still on them. What's is he gonna do? Punch me In the face, nope

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  6. This was so helpful! The main thing I struggled with was drawing people. I struggle with human bodys, hands, and all that. This was pretty helpful and I just need to practice some more and I think I'll have it down. Thats why my main focus in art is animals 😛

  7. Hi Jazza, if you do a next tutorial could it be on face expressions, I've been having a lot of trouble with them lately, and I thought it would be really handy if you did a tutorial on it.:)

  8. Yes please do environments. Or backgrounds or something. Kinda tired of each drawing looking really cool until it comes down to the background and my creativity hitting the brakes and suicide rolling out the car.

  9. Wow, I really needed this video! Mr. Jazza, you are a life saver! Recently, I've noticed I've been demotivating myself by trying to draw a pose and stressing about it way too much. Sometimes I need to realize that I'm not the only person that needs to re-draw things a few times before I find something I like. Your advice is seriously helpful 😀

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