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I need help for C++ program assignment. All the details are in u00c2u00a0the attachment.u00c2u00a0thanks!u00c2u00a0
NOTE: When you view the two input files, number.txt and message.txt, you can copy the
data that you see on the screen and on your own computer use a simple editor
like notepad or also Visual Studio editor and paste the information in the editor
and then save the file as a simple .txt file with no formatting information in the
1 Description
Write a complete C++ program to read the integers in the file
numbers.txt and report to cout how many numbers are in the
file and the sum of all the numbers. Copy and paste the
output to your source file.
Then modify the file numbers.txt by adding the numbers 224 and
543 at the end of the file. Run your program again and copy
and paste this second output to your source file.
NOTE: For end-of-file processing for a file of numbers,
review the sample programs…

c++ programs


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