Explain Everything iPad app tutorial

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Explain Everything is a lecture capture and screencasting option for the iPad. Allows users to access their Dropbox or Box accounts for importing of presentations and exporting of videos. Http://explaineverything.com


21 thoughts on “Explain Everything iPad app tutorial”

  1. Another flashy, 'cool', time absorbing and ADHD inducing toy that is counterproductive in relation to what education is (or should be) all about: teaching pupils to reason, to follow or produce a linear train of thought, to build up a logical argument, in short: to THINK.  The IT industry has produced a new plaything, and (less critical) teachers are brainwashed into being persuaded  they need it for their teaching to 'have the edge'. It is high time this time and money wasting nonsense be stopped. Socrates: come back! 

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