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How to watch Eternal TV in your Kodi setup the easy way! You can click here to watch the Eternal TV APK video:
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1 Month $8
3 Months $20
6 Month $40
1 Year $75

Monthly Accounts are Multi Home 3 Connection
Yearly Accounts are Multi Home 5 Connections


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36 thoughts on “ETERNAL TV IN KODI 17 KRYPTON”

  1. Many thanks to you man for your reply…I checked out the Lite Build, and you're right…it does have the menu items I want. I only wish I could remove the Halloween screen since it's no longer that season. I think I'll wait until the build updates with different skins. Do you have any idea as to when the build will update? I appreciate all your help man…I really like the Misfitmods builds. Hit me up Aldren when the build updates. Have a blessed day.

  2. Mike here's my two cents -!8.00 bucks for a month is a pretty cheap trial period. I put it on my tablet and my android box and it works very well. This morning I watched each link that was on the NFL channels and the games that popped up worked beautifully. That's the pros – the con I would like to see on the NFL which game is playing on each channel other that it works great.

  3. Hey Aldren…man I can't believe you actually hit me back, didn't know you really read the comments…now I see you do. Hope you're having a blessed day man. I'm using a Firestick…and I'm trying to find a build that first actually works…and then, on the menu, all I really want is movies, tv, and live tv…maybe sports, although I can do without sports…and then it can have the other useful items such as addons, favs and power. I tried one build that I really liked best, called the Flixanity Build, but it kept shutting down on me…it had the right menu and I liked the set up. I also tried the A.M. Smooth Build…but it would shut down on me as well. Can you recommend some builds with the format I expressed? I know that you're familiar with most if not all the builds out there, and I respect your taste and opinions on the builds. Thanks man for your help and GOD bless you.

  4. What is happening with this build? The guide is empty, I'm getting Pyramid errors, WOLFPACK errors. It's looking a little neglected….is anyone else having problems? And Aldren I know you're busy with all the new APK stuff but some of us don't use these builds. I depend on Windows and your AM SMOOTH build for entertainment….Can anyone help please??

  5. Hey Aldren, how are you man? I must say that out of all the people who talk or give advice about different builds…you are the best. I can follow along with you and you talk at just the right speed. I mean this one guy talks so slow that he puts me to sleep…seriously. I also like how humble you are. I have two questions for you though. The first one is…do you only talk about misfit mods builds? The second is…are you African American or mixed, or what? Stay humble and be blessed.

  6. I got. Looks good when will the tv shows come online? Picture quality is fantastic. I have to go back and rewatch to get the TV guide. Thanks for responding

  7. So Aldren I signed up for the three months and paid through PayPal off the webpage.
    So how do i get user name and password – is it emailed to me or did I miss something ?

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