CSS-Tricks Screencast #140: Exploring CSS Layout Techniques

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Full title: Exploring CSS Layout Techniques While Trying To Get a Subtitle to Wrap

We have a goal in mind, and we try and get it done with a bunch of different CSS.


24 thoughts on “CSS-Tricks Screencast #140: Exploring CSS Layout Techniques”

  1. This video blew my mind. Im sort of beginner-novice level so it was hard to follow such a fast paced video but that just made it more exciting. I'm more enthusiastic to learn correctly than ever.

  2. Does inline-block display not work? That's the first thing I would go to if I had to stay with traditional CSS (read: i don't know SASS).
    I've started using inline-block a lot in the past as a replacement for float, which requires too many hacks for simple things like say a menu.

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