CS50 2016 – Week 10 – JavaScript

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00:00:00 – Week 10 Recap
00:01:27 – JavaScript
00:02:52 – Frosh IMs
00:03:51 – JavaScript Syntax
00:09:23 – JavaScript Features
00:16:37 – dom0.html
00:25:25 – dom1.html
00:29:11 – dom2.html
00:35:51 – form0.html
00:38:13 – form1.html
00:44:12 – form2.html
00:47:49 – form3.html
00:52:35 – blink.html
00:58:07 – storage.html
01:01:02 – geolocation.html
01:03:25 – Ajax
01:05:08 – ajax0.html
01:12:12 – ajax1.html
01:17:10 – ajax2.html
01:25:16 – map.html
01:34:50 – Bootstrap
01:36:35 – JavaScript Image Manipulation
01:40:27 – Closing Thoughts
01:42:18 – Outro

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34 thoughts on “CS50 2016 – Week 10 – JavaScript”

  1. LOL, David, I see why you don't need the gym membership anymore. Also, if you do this several days a week, you are in better condition than most, and in as good or nearly as good condition as many athletes. Not the very best of course, but you keep moving, so I have no doubt that you are in excellent condition. That's awesome for a professor: you're killing-two- birds-with-one-stone, so to speak. Endurance and energy are necessary for mindfulness. I think you already know this. I wish more would.

  2. This has been a great adventure, and the best, most profesional and impactful course I have ever seen! It not only gave me a lot of knowledge and skills, but also the ability to aquire new IT skills and confidence in my own problem solving ability! Absolutely terrific, I wish all universities had such wonderful professors as David J. Malan!

  3. That was an amazing course) Thank you for uploading. I was watching it for the past month on the cell phone in cold snowy Russia, walking around the night forest… Freezing the hands, lol. I wish I could take it at Harvard, in the warm light lecture room, haha

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