Bootstrap Tutorials for Beginners(Urdu/HIndi)-Class 9-Navbar in Bootstrap(1)

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Hello Friends, This is Class-9 of Bootstrap Programming Tutorial Series in Urdu/Hindi.

In this class, You will learn how to design navbar in bootstrap.

This navbar series will include almost 5 to 6 lectures.You will learn each and everything about navbar.Also we will design
different styles of navbar such as:

1- Simple Navbar
2- Dropdowns in Navbar
3- Search bar in Navbar
4- Icons in Navbar
5- Fixed Navbar
6- Transparent Navbar

We will clear all the concepts of navbar from basics to next level in detail.

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This is basic level of Navbar Series.I have cleared all the basic and most important concepts of navbar in this class.You will come to know how easy is to
design a navbar in bootstrap.If you follow this class, your all concepts will be…


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