AutoCAD LT 2015 Video Demo & Overview

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Charlie Crocker gives an overview of the new AutoCAD LT 2015 and announces the debut of AutoCAD LT Desktop Subscription. Now you can get AutoCAD LT on a short term, pay-as-you-go basis giving you more flexible options for your business. You’ll also get a preview of enhancements to AutoCAD LT 2015, including: Preview, Printing of Online Maps and enhanced Mtext Editor that works more like a word processor. Subscribe to the official AutoCAD…


4 thoughts on “AutoCAD LT 2015 Video Demo & Overview”

  1. Your product is for milionaire architects. It's so expencive for nothing. What about us (real and regular people)? I can make 5000 dollars per year with autocad. Is it worth so mutch money? I allways pirate this product (sorry) What is your solution for us?

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