AutoCAD Isometric Dimensions Tutorial

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AutoCAD Isometric Dimensions Tutorial. This tutorial shows how to give dimensions to Isometric drawing in AutoCAD. AutoCAD Commands used in this tutorial are: Dimaligned, Dimedit. If you want to learn complete Isometric concept in detail from basics then please view following video:


11 thoughts on “AutoCAD Isometric Dimensions Tutorial”

  1. Hi. how to use dimensions tool in ellipses of isometric draw plane. In AutoCAD, unfortunately I could not, because the AutoCad don't recognized that entity (isometric ellipse is thruly a ellipse).

    In my exercices the autocad don't recognizes a isometric ellipse as truly ellipse, then it does not make the measurement. THAT'S BIZARRE. Do you help me? link for another video or pdf? thanks

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