Art Journal Book of Backgrounds 2013 Session 4

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When you’re done watching this video, you can watch the video of a painting of a wine glass created on the red background.

This workshop is suitable for anyone and the artwork can be created on Masonite, canvas or in an Art Journal. I’m creating all my backgrounds and artwork in a Strathmore Visual Journal. Saves a ton of space…do you know how much room it would take to hold 46 canvas or Masonite panels that are 9×12 in size ???

Ready to make this?

You can get the supply list, photo of the wine glass, photo of the painting and 2 sketches on my blog here:


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Side Note:

My videos are geared towards beginners and intermediates. I talk throughout the process to make it easy for you to understand. I avoid speeding up the videos and mistakes are not edited out so you can see how to fix it if it happens to…


8 thoughts on “Art Journal Book of Backgrounds 2013 Session 4”

  1. Just wanted to let you know that I left my email address on your email. Hope you got it. Also I was wondering if you had any problems when you worked in your canson journal last year. I found that when I did the stencil with the multi purpose medium that I had bubbling pockets in those areas. Kind of weird. Not what I intended but I left the heat gun on longer and kind of brought the color up more intense and also the bubbling areas. On one of the pages kind of looked like little craters. I'm wondering if the medium caused this paper to hold more water in those areas. I'm also thinking I'm just going to take pages out to work with them easier.

  2. Really enjoying these backgrounds. My # 2 turned a pretty aqua marine. I also tried the blue with yellow that you suggested. Very nice. Next time I'll add even more yellow. I didn't get the coral fingers as good as yours but it's very nice. I also did a pink background but haven't yet decided on a stencil or what color to layer on top if any as the pink is so pretty. I did find some nice larger stencils at michaels. I find the canson journal doesn't take the water as well as a heavier paper. It tends to pill and wrinkle and the colors tend to bleed to the previous page even with wax paper. I think it's a good idea to skip ahead a few pages and come back to the others later or wait till it's really really dry. But it's ok to practice since I'm new to painting with acrylics and water colors. I've watched 6 of the background videos and love all the techniques. Only worked with the # 2 background so far. I can see how these techniques would also transfer to card making by doing these backgrounds and adding stamped images to color with markers or water colors and add to cards. Or also to use on canvuses. Loads of fun and meanwhile I can improve my skills. So much to learn and practice and never enough time.

  3. I have my ranger craft mat on top of an Alvin cutting mat that I use for card making. Just like to protect my kitchen table more. The Alvin cutting mat buckled. I left a heavy stack of magazines on top. Thought it took care of the problem but afterwards it buckled a little again. Can't seem to get it out all the way. I did the number 2 page. Enjoyed it. I'm starting with a canson since I'm just starting. I wanted to practice before using the strathmore. I agree the strathmore is a stronger paper. The canson tends to pill. I also found the paper tore a little when lifting the stencil up. I got one of the pages darker than I wanted. I added grey to an already blue grey color. Mistake. I just should of used the blue. Couldn't seem to lighten it once it was down. It just got darker. Could I lighten a color when it's too dark. Should I have used white. Anyway it seems the lighter side show up the resist better. It isn't showing up as well on the darker page. Thanks for your response.

  4. A another inspiring background. Where can I buy the 8×11 deco art stencils. Their website. I looked on amazon but am finding very few this size. I mostly have 6×6 size. What is a brush grooming pad. Is it necessary. Also I was using my heat gun. I had my cutting pad underneath my craft mat. Must have used it a little too long and my cutting mat buckled. I laid something on top. Still buckling a little. Maybe I have to leave a large stack of books for awhile. Any suggestions. Really enjoying these and learning so much. Just what I need. Thanks so much for these videos.

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