08 – PHP CRUD Tutorials | Update Operation

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PHP CRUD Tutorials | Update Operation

This is a brand new tutorials series in PHP Programming on “PHP CRUD Operation with MySQL” in Hindi. In this tutorial series, I will discuss how to perform Create, Read, Update and Delete operation on MySQL Database using PHP Programming Language.

In this lesson, I implemented the CRUD delete Operation. In order to proceed with delete operaion, we need to first add Edit Link which will also contain the id of the record that we wish to edit. Then, we will create the edit.php page, which will contain the form wherein we will display the details of record that user can edit. Once editing of the field is done, we can update the form. After completion of updation opearation, user will be redirected to the index.php page.

After the completion of this tutorial series, I will make arrangement of the source code so that you can understand how things have been implemented in the course.

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